Our Program:

Phase One: Detox

Upon arrival, each client will be assessed to see if they need a medically assisted detox. Should they require a detox, we will set up an appointment with a doctor to create a medical plan. During this phase we provide 24 hour monitoring, in addition to all meals and snacks. Detoxification is a crucial phase that helps the body eliminate unhealthy substances and replenish itself with healthy, vital nutrients.

Phase Two: Inpatient Residential

When a client arrives at Phase 2, all detox medications will be completed and they will experience a sense of renewal. At this point clients are ready to fully engage in the treatment process. Clients will begin attending daily groups made up of alcohol/drug education classes, process groups, and relapse prevention. In addition, clients can have one on ones with a licensed therapist and attend daily 12 step meetings.

Phase Three: Intensive Outpatient

Phase 3 is where clients learn how to make the transition from the safety and comfort of full time treatment to partial treatment, so that they may put in more time towards achieving their own personal goals and individual aspirations. Here currently employed clients can choose to either reintegrate into the work force, or approach a new path. Some clients choose to go back to school to work towards their educational goals, while others choose to volunteer their time in shelters, hospitals, and nearby Alano clubs to give back the love and service they have been shown through the 12 Step program. Whatever your goal may be, we are here to encourage, support, and guide you every step of the way.

Phase Four: Sober Living

In the 4th phase, clients are learning to achieve balance in their new lives. Between working on their own personal endeavors and maintaining a program of recovery, clients are often times being more productive in their lives than they have been in a long time. Because of this, a Sober Living environment is ideal for those new in recovery. Clients will come home to a clean, drug and alcohol free environment that is nurturing, loving, and supportive. Operating Managers live on site in all our homes to ensure that these environments maintain consistent, stable, and structured.