Our Programs

The Model of Recovery is Incomplete ~ Serenity Shores Recovery Center Strives to Fill that Missing Link.


Serenity Shores offers our clients the following programs:

Intense Outpatient Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

Outpatient Treatment Program  

Day and Night Programs Available

In addition to our programs, Serenity Shores provides clients with:

Sober Living

Relapse Intervention Services

Group and Individual Counseling  

Family and Couple Therapy

Court Mandated Treatment Assistance  

Substance Abuse Education

Life Skills Training including resume building, job search and continuing education resources  

Aftercare Planning  

Alumni Involvement


PHASE 1: Stabilization Phase

Phase 1 is the beginning of the client’s treatment, and new way of life!  At this point, clients begin to engage in the treatment process.  Clients learn how to make the transition from the safety and comfort of a full time treatment program to a partial treatment program, so that they may put in more time towards achieving their own personal goals and individual aspirations. Clients will be provided the support and guidance needed to help achieve both short and long term goals.  

PHASE 2: Transitional Phase

Phase 2 is where clients begin to deploy their individual goals in achieving a new/first career or to pursue continuous education.  Our staff guides the clients in mapping out their individual goals, provides support in their resume building or educational research, while others choose to volunteer their time in shelters, hospitals and nearby 12 step clubs in an effort to give back.  Whatever our client’s goals may be, we are here to encourage, support and guide them in every step of the way.

PHASE 3: Independent Living Phase

Phase 3 clients start learning to achieve balance in their new lives as sober members of society.  Between working on their own personal endeavors and maintaining a program of recovery, clients are becoming more productive in their lives.  Because of this, a Sober Living environment is ideal for their new way of life in recovery.  Clients will come home to a clean, drug and alcohol free environment that is nurturing, loving and supportive.  Operating Managers live on site in all our homes to ensure that these environments maintain consistent, stable and structured way of life. 

PHASE 4: Being of Service Phase

Phase 4 clients are considered our Alumni Partners.  Whether continuing to stay in one of our Sober Living homes, or independently living, our Alumni Partners engage in giving back to our new clients by participating in Serenity Shores outings, providing mentoring and friendship, sharing their experience, strength and hope, and by taking clients to 12 step events.  This crucial step not only benefits our newest family members but also is the key to our Alumni Partners program of being of service.


Serenity Shores is not all about getting sober, Serenity Shores is about staying sober!  To help our clients achieve this, we offer a 4-phase transitional drug and alcohol program.