About Us

Our facility is specifically for men and women who are seeking effective treatment and desire a safe, clean, and upscale home environment to recover from drug and alcohol addictions that integrate independent living with a structured environment and sober social support. Our homes are located in beautiful Southern California, close to the beaches, in coastal Orange County. We provide both men and women the opportunity to transition into an active lifestyle, where they can remain sober and productive member of society throughout personal worth.

At Serenity Shores, our goal is to promote personal growth to every individual who desires true and lasting change in their lives. We believe sobriety is of utmost importance as well as understanding the reasons we drank and used. We also believe in working with the whole person (body, soul and spirit) in order to remain clean and sober.

We wish you success in your recovery!

Serenity Shores is a transitional living program that provides continued guidance and structure. Our 12-step based program is for adult men and women willing to go beyond the traditional 30 day treatment center stay, and make a long term commitment to achieving success in early recovery. Serenity Shores supports and provides case management for on-going therapy, psychiatric, and experiential services that will enhance the individuals recovery process.

We Are a
Full Service Program
Offering 4 Phases of Treatment