Our Sober Living Homes

Sober Living: A Crucial Phase

There are many different types of Sober Living homes, some more effective than others. We encourage you to personally investigate the homes and decide what you require. Sober Living offers recovering individuals an alcohol & drug-free living environment with structure and discipline, a life style which is essential for managing our new lives. Sober Living provides an individual the opportunity to start over and become a productive member of society.

We believe in order to prevent relapse that proper support, healthy communication and a loving boldness is necessary in the home. We also uphold the belief that a 30 day program is not enough. During a standard 30 day program, 7-10 days are devoted to detoxing, both physically and mentally. By the time an individual is able to think more clearly, have more energy to focus on their recovery and actually begin working a program, the 30 day program is almost complete. Although many alcoholics/addicts are hopeful, they often relapse quickly as they have had too little time to learn new behaviors and almost no time to put them into practice. By giving yourself an extended length of time in a Sober Living environment, individuals are more successful at staying clean and sober. We at Serenity Shores Recovery suggest no less than a 90 day to one year commitment in a Sober Living home.

Below are photos of one of our sober living home in Newport Beach, California.  We also have homes in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and Anaheim.  Our homes are gender specific and require 3 meetings a week.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Newport House2